6 Prominent Components To Design Your Google Ads Account Structure

Have you tried out Google PPC marketing?

We guess, you have just planned to run a PPC ad campaign on Google AdWords and now wondering how to perform the task with perfection. Before you outsource the job to a PPC management company in Delhi or Kolkata, or any other regions, you should make a strong grip on the basic of Google Ads account and its campaign.

Well, the very first thing that you will need is to build a proper Google Ads account structure. Google ads account is pretty significant for your ads so as to trigger them when and where you want them to appear.

A well-structured Google Ads account allows you to build a good quality score through your ad. It makes the ad more focused to the targeted audience and drawn in better results without paying a lot for the ad.

While creating a Google ad account, you may find this a mess. But truly speaking, it makes your ad campaigns much more transparent and result-driven.

6 Major components to design Google Ads account structure

  1. Ad campaigns: Every Google Ads account is rich with one or more Google ad campaigns. These campaigns are run with different purposes. For example, the campaign is designed to build more sales. It can be used for generating more quality leads. It can be used to spread brand awareness and create brand promotion. It can be used to attain multiple business objectives.

    In short, when you are running an ad campaign, you should focus on your targeted goal and create your campaign accordingly. Every ad campaign can be budget-friendly. Just think about your budget and frame your campaign.   

  2. Ad groups: Now, when you are creating an ad campaign, you must be dealing with multiple ad groups. Every Google ad campaign contains one or more ad groups to maximize the ad performance.

    While creating your campaign, craft your ad groups to make your goal more specific. These ad groups are responsible for driving heavy traffic and converting the right audience to potential clients or loyal customers. Instead of relying on a single ad group and focusing on multiple keywords match types, group your keywords based on different match types for different ad groups. Results are easy to obtain in this case.  

  3. Keywords: Keywords are key to every digital marketing technique and Google Ad account structure or PPC marketing is of no exception. No matter what ad group you create, you must group your keywords by match types, profitability, and the most important, search query.

    Considering these factors, will help you evaluating the best performing keywords for your ad groups. The moment you target the keywords, they trigger your ad to find the specific audience and build conversions in no time. 10-20 keywords are recommended for different ad groups. You can use 3-4 keywords for every ad group you create.

  4. Negative keywords: Negative keywords are often overlooked by the marketers, though it has great impact in PPC marketing. These keywords narrow down the sales funnel by targeting the specific audience to your doorstep.

    Suppose you have used keywords based on specific set of queries. Putting the negative keywords, you can eliminate the audience who are actually not interested in your ad, though looking for similar ad to perform their action. Identifying new negatives thus will influence your ad groups a lot.

  5. Ad text: Ad text is nothing but the ad content that every ad group is focused on. For different ad groups, you can create different ad text. As per AdWords guidelines, the ad texts are scrutinized and approved before running on the same platform.

    Usually, the experts prefer conducting A/B test to determine whether the ad content used for a specific ad group is result-driven or not. That’s the reason why people suggest to have multiple ad copies so as to stay in the competition.    

  6. Landing pages: No ad can be without a landing page. The page can be either included in a website or separately created to promote the business objective. No matter what type of ad you create, you should associate a link with your ad to drive your visitors directly to the landing page that speaks about the brand goal.

    Suppose you want your visitors to register for the upcoming offer. You can run a Google PPC ad and add a link that direct the users straight to the landing page that contains a registration form.

    Every landing page should have a strong call to action that stimulate the visitor to click on it. Hence, optimizing your landing pages as per your marketing goal is quite important to achieve success with PPC.


The above-mentioned components have equal potential to make the ads effective. You just can’t skip anyone of them while designing your Google ads account. Are you dreaming to get started with a Google Ads account structure? Don’t miss out on any of the six major components.

Even if it takes time to design a Google Ads account structure, make sure you don’t skip any vital step. Decide how to get started, research on your keywords, create your ad campaign, start with your ad group, and run them to deliver proper results.

To get better understanding on Google Ads account and to run a successful ad campaign with proper ad group, you can seek guidance of the PPC experts at a digital marketing agency. Rest, the ball is in your court.   

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