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A Complete Guide to Buy Hookah Online

You need to consider loads of things if you need to buy hookah online, including the origin, materials, height, hose options, and hookah price. Our guide will tell what to look for when you are investigating a hookah personally. Our provided pieces of information have merged to aid you in making the most informed decision when you make your purchase. Before we start, let’s tell you where you can buy the all-attractive shisha. You can purchase hookah from a shop that sells a bong in Canada; however, bong and Canada are different smoking instruments. Without further ado, let us start our guide:

Origin of Hookah:

The contemporary shishas are usually made in China by companies based in the U.S.A. (United States of America). The conventional hookahs are from Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and some other countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Modern shishas make on an assembly line with contemporary manufacturing techniques, and the majority of the traditional hookahs are handmade. You can easily differentiate between traditional and modern shishas based on hookahs’ construction, styling, and performance. Modern hookas make with the lightweight material, and conventional hookahs make with heavyweight materials. 

Shisha Materials:

Some hookah users argue that concrete brass pipes are optimal for hookah. Solid brass pipes are the heaviest, solid, and last forever. They do oxidize but never rust. The issue with the brass pipes is that they require regular polishing to maintain the lustre and shine. Some people prefer the combination of stainless steel with brass or copper in hookah; however, there are problems with stainless steel. Some hookah manufacturers use good quality stainless steel. Conversely, the inside of low-quality stainless steel remains susceptible to rusting and corrosion.

Shisha Height:

Opting for the right height of hookah is a matter of preference for hookah users. The experienced hookah smokers prefer hookahs between 28 inches and 32 inches; hookahs perform well and are easy to handle. The campers or travellers prefer a small hookah. A person wanting to smoke hookah on an outdoor patio goes with a tall hookah option that one can place on the floor adjacent to a high table. A larger hookah produces more smoke upon inhaling; it does not mean that small hookahs don’t perform well. They are numerous small shishas available in the online marketplace that smoke well. Are you thinking to buy hookah online? Go ahead and buy the one with your preferred height and relish smoking.

The Hose Options for Hookah:

Of course, the four hose hookahs seem stunning; they appear ideal shishas for a party. Yes, multiple hoses look great on hookah; still, they are not superior to enjoy smoking hookah. The more hoses in a hookah mean, its performance reduces, and the smoking experience also becomes awkward with such a shisha. Luckily, most traditional hookahs come with rubber stoppers, making it easier for the smokers to convert them down to a single hose; however, there’s no denying the multiple hose hookas are for the party people to help them get entertained with smoking shishas.

Shisha Prices:

The hookah prices vary, depending on their quality. If you are buying a hookah from a shop that sells a bong in Canada for a price of less than $30, you will not feel very much satisfied with your hookah. Nevertheless, if you buy a hookah for around $100, you will get what you wanted to expect from a hookah. The branded hookahs will be 10 to 15 percent (%) more effective than the unbranded hookah. You can buy hookah from most smoke shops in Canada at the price you wish to pay for hookah.

Buying Hookah Personally:

You must check a hookah before you buy it. Begin with the hookah bowl on the top; if its opening is ovular, it may not seal tightly resting on the hookah’s top. Also, look for the obstructions in the holes of the bowl. Sometimes, during the finishing, the holes are either covered up or clogged. Eradicate the hookah hose and plug its one end with your thumb while you blow through the other hand to find out if there is an air leak. If the amount of air coming out feels weak, the hose has obstructions. Check out the stem for breaks or damage by keeping the stem up and point its opposite end towards the light. Make sure the vase of hookah is not unstable, and the top opening isn’t ovular. Moreover, it would be best if you looked for cracks in the glass. These are the things you should check before you buy hookah personally.


There are different things that you need to check before you buy hookah online. Firstly, check if the hookah is conventional or contemporary. Secondly, check the materials of hookah. Also, don’t forget to check the height and hose options of hookah. Check the price so that you can know which price you can pay for shisha. Last but not least, check certain things about hookah before you purchase it from a smoking shop.

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