The Features that a Business Website must have in 2021

In the digital age, every self-respecting company must be able to count on a state- of-the-art website.

2021 is upon us and being found with an outdated or not professionally edited site can frustrate all the efforts that every company puts into its business.

The goal of a company website is in fact to present the business and convince customers, old and new, to choose the products or services offered. The success of the site often reflects that of the company and lies in the way this presentation is delivered. It must be useful for those who surf it and convince the user to come back several times.

We have identified 6 fundamental characteristics to have a modern and effective corporate website:

  • The website must immediately communicate what the company like Children book illustration does and which target it is targeting (brand positioning). Each page must offer the right cocktail of text and images: if they are too many, they distract the visitor’s attention. If, on the other hand, there are too many words, you run the risk of boring and making the potential customer run away.
  • Every element of your site, both textual and visual, must have a purpose. A good website has nothing superfluous. Attention also to the dosage of colors, the best sites are those with a dominant color or at most 2. This also serves to identify and strengthen the brand image, think of the blue of Facebook, the white of Twitter or the red gradient of Instagram.
  • The navigation interface must be as easy and intuitive as possible, to facilitate the movement of people from one page to another and within the menu. It is clear that if users do not find what they are looking for quickly and easily, they will leave your site to find what they need elsewhere.
  • A good website is a fast site. Each page must load in seconds. It has been proven that the user does not wait more than 5-6 seconds for the pages to load. They have no time to waste and not only want an answer to their questions: they want the best possible and in the shortest possible time, otherwise, they change site.
  • A good website cannot be separated from being “responsive” that is adaptable to any type of mobile device, including tablets and smartphones to be included among the “good” ones and therefore favored by Google and most followed by the public.
  • Last but not least: a good website must be constantly updated! Content represents the beating heart of a website, what keeps it alive and feeds it continuously. It must contain frequent and useful blogs, the pages cannot miss the backlinks, that is, links with other friendly sites that will return the favor.

By adapting these 6 features to your corporate website, not only will you already have a fast website that meets the expectations of your users, but at the same time you will have greater visibility in search engines and consequently greater traffic. This leads to a higher percentage of conversions and faster achievement of business goals.

Now that you know how to have the best in 2021 by adapting these 6 features, are you ready to build your business website and be ahead of your competitors?

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