How to make your old furniture look new

Is your favorite furniture starting to show apparent wear and tear? And it seems like replacing them seems inevitable just by looking into its condition.

This may be the case; deep inside, you still want to keep them. And throwing them away is very painful because lots of good memories are attached to the furniture.

But the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to discard them. There are creative ways on how to make your old furniture look new again and repurpose them.

So are you ready to know how?

Let’s begin…


Try using decorative paper or fabric

If you own an aging coffee table, then you can probably revive them by covering them with decorative adhesive paper. 

There are several colors and designs to choose from. But if I were you, I suggest that you use a wood grain design if your coffee table is wood. And if possible, make sure that it matches the texture of your furniture so that it would like the paper is a natural part of the table.

In my case, I believe that it would be better to use a mantel or fabric to cover the top of the table. It’s more aesthetically pleasing, and it allows you to mix and match between the design of the table and the mantel you are using.

Or, you can use them both. You can place the fabric on top of other decorative paper. So that the coffee table is still pleasing to the eye even if you remove the mantel if it’s time to wash them.


Upgrade furniture’ specifications

If you are looking to renovate your furniture but don’t have enough budget as of yet, does it mean that you postpone and do it another time?

Well, the answer is no. If you want something to be done, then there’s definitely something you can do if you have the will to find one.

The most affordable way you can do to improve your furniture and fixture is through minor installations or upgrades.

You can do so by installing new and sleek door knobs or hanging rods on your cabinet.

Again, they are affordable and wouldn’t cost that much. The important thing here is that you somehow have taken steps in improving your home.


Furnish your old furniture

When furniture starts to depreciate, it will show indications such as white patches, or the texture starts to fade slowly.

If you’re looking to improve your stool, living room table, lamp stand, kitchen table, or any furniture you wish to restore, then the easiest and most affordable way to do so by re-furnishing them.

You can find furnishing liquid in your local hardware store. But be sure to apply them outside of your home to prevent any mess or accident from happening.

You can also use polishing spray, which is a lot cheaper which you can find in any grocery stores or supermarkets.


Paint your old furniture

Do you want to know another simple yet very affordable method in how to make your old furniture look new again?

Here’s one…

You can try painting them or re-painting them with new colors if they have one before.

You put mix and match any colors you like that express your personality perfectly.



Next idea is that you can just embrace the aging process of the wood and add decoration by stenciling onto it. I suggest using traditional outlines like a bird or a vine of leaves.

And the reason I say this is because they are more elegant looking. And they more neutral in the sense that you can place them anywhere in your house that it would still look good.

You might say that you’re not good at drawing, but you really don’t have to be a fine arts student to come up with a beautiful image. A simple and clean outline is sufficient to bring aging furniture alive again.


Upholstery and Cushions

Sometimes adding or replacing cushions or upholstery in your furniture is enough to make them look brand new. 

You can either add cushions that have plain colors or opt for those with geometric designs—it’s your choice. But to add vibe and make your furniture more lively, then I suggest choosing ones with minimal designs.

And if you’re having trouble finding the best upholstery and cover cloth for your furniture, then may I suggest my go-to online retailer—The Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

In addition, they are also a curtain shop that offers a wide selection of curtains that can help you find the best background that matches your cushions.


Throw Pillows

In addition to renewed upholsteries and cover cloths, then you also have to add throw pillows.

Placing these elements into your old furnitures would make it make hard to spot for your visitor to discern whether you’ve bought new furniture or renovate the old one. 

Also, use colors that perfectly complement the theme you have in mind.


Spray Paint

In renovating metal furniture and fixture, spray paint is much recommendable over regular paints.

Of course, you can also use them on wood, plastic, or resin. 

Spray paint has numerous advantages if you’re looking for a specific outcome. They provide a glossier look and dries way faster compared to regular paint.

But again, if you want a more classy and traditional look, then opt for regular paints.



As a last resort, if you can no longer find a purpose for your furniture, then you might want to consider donating them to someone who can use them.

Despite your best efforts, if the furniture doesn’t provide any happiness anymore because it’s clogging too much space, then there’s no point in holding on.

Final thoughts

So yes, I believe we’ve covered sufficient grounds here. I hope that today’s topic about how to make your old furniture look new again has provided you with valuable information on the subject matter.

Thank you for the time, and I hope to see you on the next topics!


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