Ideal ways to pack up your master bedroom for shifting

If you are keen to learn the secrets of perfect packing and moving goods then you can either ask about them from your packers & movers or start doing it on your own. It is solely your decision whether you choose to hire a moving company for relocations or self-move your household stuff with the help of your relatives or friends. Nowadays, people majorly handover their goods to shifting professionals to stay away from the mess and stress of moving from one city to another. From kitchenware to household furniture, bedroom stuff, almirah, bathroom essentials, electronic appliances, & varieties of home décor items, every home is filled with a wide range of things that are commonly used for day to day purposes.

For the safe and fast movement of your personal belongings, you can only trust skilled & verified packers and movers in Delhi NCR, India. However, you also need to do some preparations to make the procedures easy & breezy on the final day of shifting. At least you can pile-up or de-clutter some important stuff before the arrival of the shifting crew so that they can pack & load them straight to the truck.

Even though you don’t have too many stuff kept at every corner of your house but the master bedroom is mostly filled with objects like a dressing table, wardrobes, side lamps, racks, television, bean bags, etc. etc. So why don’t you start packing your master bedroom first?

Here is a guide for you to pack up your master bedroom to avoid last-minute hassles and delays in the shifting process.

Be cautious while disassembling beds

Detaching the adjoined components of your premium bed can’t be done single-handedly. Most designer beds are designed for easy disassembling but one must learn the right methods of removing them with utmost safety. Packing your bed is a tedious task for anyone as not all beds are meant to be disassembled in the same way; you need to learn tricks to do it with ease.  Packers and movers usually use various tools to remove each and every part of a master bed carefully.  Keep all the components of your bed in one place so that you reassemble them back after moving to the new place. Be careful as missing a single part of your master bedroom will make you rush in the end.

Tip: Wrapping each hardware part of a bed with help of three-four people using a packing sheet will prevent scratches & breakages during loading. You can also use an empty tape roll as a box to keep screws safely.

Start packing up your wardrobe

 Pack all clothes in the same way you keep them in your wardrobe. All your fancy apparel, dresses, woolen and cotton stuff and other attires must be kept separately in different wardrobe boxes. Packers and movers always suggest you maintain gaps b/w each compartment of boxes that specifically carry special apparels like suits and gowns. To prevent wrinkles across the creases of shirts, skirts, & other outwears, use large wardrobe boxes with sufficient space so that you can hang your dresses and party wear stuff in the safest way possible.

Tip: For packing your footwear, you can either use their original cardboard boxes or pack them in thick paper bags which are no more in use. Make sure that none of your clothing essentials are kept at the bottom of wardrobe boxes as they may get displaced when moved from one location to another.

Follow general rules of moving dressers, drawers, etc.

Packing and moving a master bedroom is the toughest job for packers and movers and it can take up to three hours or more to pack it entirely. With plenty of goods including dressers, drawers, wall paintings, side tables, lamps, aquariums, & other additional items, you must follow these steps to pack up all things smartly & speedily:

  • For packing dressers & drawers– Remove all items kept inside dressers and drawers before you start packing them. This will avoid breakages or damages due to the collisions of things kept in these drawers. You don’t need to apply too much strength on moving these items as they are lighter in comparison to other heavy & bulky household items. You can use special blankets or packing material to wrap a dressing table completely and lift them carefully to the loading truck.
  • For packing wall painting & sceneries– The outer protection of glass on the beautiful paintings & sceneries hanged on the walls shields them from dust & damages from years to years. While removing these artworks, you need to be more attentive and active to avoid risking damages during the move. The best packers and movers service providers use a picture box to keep all wall decorations, picture frames, paintings, & antique pictures safely after wrapping them up using bubble wraps as they are very fragile.
  • For packing mattress and bedding items- All other miscellaneous items kept in your master bedroom will keep longing for packing till the last minute of the shifting process. If you don’t want to hassle just because of these small yet important movables kept in your master bedroom then you must pack them beforehand and move further to the new place.

Make sure that you are using packing material of the best quality as it is very crucial to protect your goods from scratches. Packing your belongings is always a tiresome job for those who are doing it for the first time but it can be simplified by keeping the above descriptions in mind. Don’t ever opt for shortcuts while packing and loading your stuff as this will create unseen mess and problems in the shifting process. Give extra attention while lifting and loading packages to avoid the risks of injuries to you and damages to movables.

Your master bedroom holds so many objects that are close to your heart and you can’t compromise with their safety at any cost. Therefore, you must involve professional packers and movers to pack and move your master bedroom with peace of mind.

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