Keep Your Gutters Clean or Suffer These 6 Awful Roof Problems!

Every portion of the house is necessary and important. Because of each combined and built together to create your beloved house, you are protected and shielded inside of it while you live a peaceful and happy life with the people you love. 

You know that one of the protective parts of your house is the roof. Obviously, it does not just protect you from thieves like doors do, but primarily, it also secures you from the weather. Well, come to think of it; you can actually sleep a day in a house without a door, but without a roof, it will definitely be difficult even by just imagining it! 

The roof should be well taken care of. One of its most vital parts is the gutter. Most homeowners tend to forget and overlook, but cleaning your roof’s gutters is necessary. Here are 6 reasons why: 


First of all, a house can be judged as clean or dirty just by looking at it. Your gutters can say a lot. The physical look of your home probably won’t be the chief purpose behind cleaning gutters, yet it is the most apparent. Debris that develops there can usually be seen by anyone standing in front of your house. Particularly those gutters that have overloaded and fallen leaves and trash on the ground. The flooding water will likewise discolor the siding of a home and cause the shingles to diminish. With yucky gutters, your house will seem worn out and unhygienic on the outside.


Source – Fivecoat Roofing

The purpose of a gutter is to bring water away from your house to a proper drainage area. House creators such as custom home builders establish a gutter system on each new house they make in light of the fact that its work is to take rain water off the rooftop. Its purpose is very crucial to the home’s construction advantage. 

Leaves, branches and other debris blocking the gutters make it difficult for water to flow. See to it that the gutter of your roof is clean because it is responsible for a functional and flawless drainage system that should be unconstrained. If the gutter is nasty and obstructed, those unnecessary stuff will accumulate in the channel. Water will run over onto the building and the foundation. It can lead to basement flooding. Guarantee that the drainage around your house is efficient and enough to divert water from your home. 


Source – LeafGuard of Oklahoma

Clogged gutters and collected rainwater will damage roof shingles. Their combination leads to cracks appearing on and in the roof. When that happens, leaks in the ceiling and in the interior can begin as well. These can lead to damaged and rotten roofs and/or ceilings.

When stocked with water for a long period of time, the roof can develop cracks. It can be more prone to damages that can occur due to water. Material is likely to collapse. That’s because through water’s stay on the roof, decomposition can happen. Moreover, you can eventually see mold growing, another sign of decay. Oh no, heaps of roof repairs to be accomplished here and there!


Source: Flickr

Dirty areas and those with stagnant water are pests’ favorite sites. Rats can hide in gutters crowded with leaves, branches and other elements blown there by the wind. Termites can also make their homes in there, causing house materials to get destroyed little by little, without you immediately noticing it. Insects such as mosquitoes find stagnant waters as the perfect breeding place. 

If these pests get into your gutter systems, that’s when the real destruction begins. Get ready for loads of roof repairs waiting for you! For these pests not to live and last any longer in your precious house, think ahead and clean your gutters thoroughly and mindfully. 


Lastly, you should clean your gutters because you do not want them to get broken. As you have read from the above-mentioned points, they certainly have an indispensable role in your house, thus, take care of it first by keeping it clean.


When gutters are hampered from doing their work, a number of mishaps can occur. Water can gather around the foundation. It can lead to cracked foundations. It can freeze up during the winter season. It can proceed to open up a considerably bigger gap.

The rainwater can wreck the main foundation of your house, thus, instability becomes a threat to your home’s security and safety. Dirty gutters won’t just give you roof repairs to pay attention to but also foundation renovations to do!



The gutter is significant for it plays a huge role in the maintenance and protection of your house. At the same time, ignoring its sanitation can be dangerous to your family’s health. Make sure you allot time and effort in keeping your gutter clean because both the pros and the cons of not doing so fall on you. 

Unclean gutters is almost the same as having no gutters at all — they are almost useless and more of a burden. Collectively, all these problems will equate to a head-aching list of roof repairs to be done! The roof does a great job in protecting you, and it hopes you protect and keep it well too. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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