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List of Top 7 Best Cake That You Can Order For Your Occasion !!

Every year your birthday comes and is celebrated with cake, candles, balloons, and birthday parties. It is the most awaited day in a person’s life. Generally, kids are more excited than anybody else. Adults also secretly await for this day and believe that it is the special day of their life. What makes this day very special? For kids, it may be cake, new dresses, gifts, etc. and for adults, it can be quality time with friends in a bar or coffee shop. The most common thing for these two scenarios is the birthday cake. No matter the person’s age, the cake is always the most exciting thing for everyone. There are many varieties, the theme of the cake that comes and goes. But birthday cake never loses its charm. The sparkle and the enthusiasm in the cake buyer’s eye are the same for every year.

The cake is a necessary item that is much needed to enjoy the occasion. And everyone will agree to it. While there are many methods to celebrate the occasion, a delicious cake has always been the most famous way to celebrate the birthday. Let’s put aside the most common cake you order on such occasions and try this new best birthday cake idea. Various portals provide online cake delivery in Noida. So, check out the top best cake that will make the celebration unforgettable.

Pineapple cake

Cakes are a mouth-watering delight that is loved by everyone, from children to adults. The pineapple flavor is a no different large number of people who prefer to eat pineapple cake due to it’s plain and simple taste. If you wonder which flavor of cake you should buy, you can consider the pineapple flavor. This flavor is most often enjoyed during the summer season, but it is served during winter months. Pineapple pastry is traditionally from Taiwan, and the word pineapple holds a secret, which means “prosperity has arrived.”

Vanilla cake:

This is one elegant flavor of cake, which is both classic and simple. This can be the perfect choice if you are searching for the plain yet tasteful. The cake can be designed in various shapes and designs.

Red Velvet cake

This cake comprises butter, unique to the vast majority of the cake made with the oil. The mystery of its red shading is the cocoa, which gives the cake a special red velvet flavor.

Originally, the red ruby shade of the cake results from the cooking of cocoa powder and buttermilk. Also, the real recipe of the cake does have fake red coloring. The common ingredients utilized in this kind of cake is buttermilk, cocoa, vinegar, and flour. It is believed that cake was begun preparing during the Victorian time, and from then, this treat got wide popular. The word “Velvet” was added to the cake to tell the customers about the cake’s delicate and smooth surface. So, whatever the reason, make anorder cake online Gurgaon to taste this delicacy.

Carrot cake

This cake is the blend of the carrot with batter. Generally, carrot cake is eaten at Easter. However, because of its extraordinary taste, people consumed it on the usual days as well. It will be your perfect choice of calling carrot cake for your festival. This cake is fantastically clammy and loaded with flavor that makes it difficult to resist at one piece. The key ingredients used to make this type of cake are carrot, baking powder, flour, oil, and sugar. Many professional chefs bake this cake is cooked with oil as opposed to margarine, making it long-lasting and somewhat oily. The addition of the rich icing of cream and all-natural ingredients makes it an overwhelming treat.

Dark Chocolate cake

This cake is named after its ingredients such as dark chocolate pieces and cocoa powder, which give it a flavor of dark chocolate. This cake is moist and soft, perfect for sending cake to your dear ones who are chocolate lovers. And they will never hesitate to eat it alone. So, this cake is an ideal choice to blow friends and family on any special occasion.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate truffle

This confectionery is made traditionally with chocolate ganache, cocoa powder, and chopped dry fruits. Truffle cake is soft from inside and nicely hard from outside. Chocolate truffles are the best chocolate cake. The recipe for this cake is exceptionally easy, but seeing this cake seems difficult to make. The truffle cake is topped with chocolate icing and loaded with a blend of delicious filling. You can choose and order cake online from various online stores. This cake comes in various shapes and sizes that will fill your ordinary celebration into a special one.

Mango Mousse cake

A special occasion like dinner with family or friends calls for some tasty and delicious dessert, and you will never be disappointed with mango mousse cake. The following cake is soft and spongy that you can order for your loved ones, especially in the summer.

So, pick from these delicious cakes for your next party at home and amaze your guests.

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