Mixing the Psychedelic Mushroom with Marijuana

To most of the shroom users, the magic mushrooms and marijuana seem to be their companions at night naturally. The two substances, getting praised for their connection to the earth, would have existed without probing human beings’ minds. This makes them even peerless. Considering the effects of magic mushrooms and weed, a question comes to one mind: Should one combine the two, what results can be? The answer is not as simple as that it looks like. Like different aspects of the psychedelic survey, it goes down to personal preferences. You can buy magic mushrooms online and mix them with marijuana to get the results. Still, the question is: Should or would you amalgamate the two? 

Why Refresher?

Luckily, magic truffles and marijuana are easily obtainable online, so you can buy them and perform the experiment of mixing the two. To comprehend the results of mixing magic mushrooms and marijuana, it is better to know what to anticipate from them if taken separately. You can call this procedure a refresher that is always handy, as it can help you decide whether the products mean for you or not.

The Effects of Psilocybin:

Psilocybin is an upper substance present in shrooms and magic truffles that create a bodily high and visual and mental hallucinations. A psilocybin truffle is also known as a psychedelic mushroom owing to its psychedelic effects. Psilocybin in shrooms or truffles gives birth to a stage of euphoria, alterations in perceptions. A high dosage of shrooms can produce synaesthesia and spiritual experiences; the effects of psilocybin may stau up to 6 hours (hrs).

The Effects of Marijuana:

Marijuana comes in the form of different strains, having different effects. Cannabinoids in marijuana consider as ‘downers’. Cannabinoids create a high, varying between euphoric and calming stage, or the combination of two. The downers can also give birth to sedative effects and general changes in perception plus a heightened mood. Strains having more Tetra Hydro Cannabinol (THC), known as ‘Sativa’ knows to be more stimulating. Strains having more CannaBiDiol (CBD), known as ‘Indica’ knows to be more relaxing. Similar to psilocybin, marijuana can also alter the perception of time.

Mixing Magic Mushrooms and Marijuana:

From the above comparison, you may have noticed that there are many similarities between the two products; however, if you are planning to mix them; you should consider a few variables:

  1. Tolerance: If you are a consistent weed smoker, you should also participate in a mushroom trip. You should know your limitations and what dosage suits you. If you are a well-experienced with a magic mushroom trip, you may have an idea: What is possible for you during the trip? If you are a beginner, it’s presumably ideal to do the practical separately. Only then should you think about doing a little mixing and matching.
  • Dosage: It is presumably harmless to consider that the shroom trip will take center stage in most cases of amalgamating. The addition of marijuana works to improve the experience. If it’s your first time amalgamating the two, a lower dosage of the shroom gets recommended. Mixing the two can emphasize the positive effects of each substance. You will encounter the repetitive thought process associated with the two substances while combining the two. The sedative characteristic of marijuana, when mixed with the time-distorting character of shrooms, can, at times, make the experience for you to feel better and lasting forever. Too high a dosage of marijuana can mitigate the transcendental effects of magic truffles.

Timing Counts as a Key:

Now you know: What should you be cautious of? It’s time you explored: Why magic mushrooms and marijuana are two of the best substances to merge? Both of the substances share various similarities, so it means they can complement each other. However, the key to mixing the shrooms and weed is all about timing. This way, you can benefit from your trip of psychedelic mushroom mixed with marijuana.

  1. Before: Some mixers claim that smoking weed at the beginning of a shroom trip does not help them feel well; however, some argue that smoking improves the entire trip. Indica strains in marijuana can pacify anxiety and impatience associated with coming up at the start of a trip. So your self-consciousness is lower at the beginning, taking you into a psychedelic wonderland. It’s also boasted that the feelings of nausea can reduce at the start.
  • During: Once your psilocybin journey has started, smoking may seem unpleasant to you. A few people don’t like this stage, while most trippers enjoy a smoke. Often, Sativa strains in this stage, combined with shrooms, boost, energize, and intensify smoking.
  • After: This is the stage for which the majority of smokers wish for while combining shrooms and marijuana. At this stage, marijuana seemingly works with reducing levels of psilocybin and improving the visuals and sensations of a trip. Both substances have the specific characteristic of making time to look like extending. This way, the remaining pleasant feelings and any spiritual experiences that the smokers may have felt look very appealing.

The Desired Effects of Mixing the Two Substances:

  • The trip gets improved and enhanced.
  • The trip reduces anxiety of come-ups or come-downs.
  • The trip can extend the gentle sensations.
  • The trip seems reasonable visually.
  • The trip can minimize nausea.

Who Should Try Mixing the Two?

Do you know: Who should experience merging marijuana with shrooms? The people who have experienced consuming the two separately can go for the practice of mixing the two to enjoy their trip. However, it’s more sensible to consume the psychedelic substances separately; still, if you are interested in integrating the two, go for that with it due care after buying magic mushrooms online and mixing them with marijuana.


It goes down to personal preferences, whether you want to mix the two substances, marijuana and magic mushrooms. Both of these substances are easily accessible online. Both marijuana and shrooms can change the perception of time. While mixing marijuana and magic mushrooms, you should keep two variables in your mind, including tolerance and dosage. You will experience different states before, during, and after mixing the two psychedelic substances. Lastly, you should only mix the two substances if you get used to consuming shrooms and weed often.

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