Nike and Adidas Football Boots

hi guys Ian and Blake from the Football

Boots team and thanks to the guys from

Ultra Football we have got a massive

unboxing for you guys yeah Blake I think

we should start off with these Nike.

Let’s have a look see what’s inside.

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what do we have inside Wow!

oh okay so Always Forward Nike boots and

we are looking at way to I love checking

out the bags here is the bag for these

ones okay massive triangle really match

the boots really Phantom Vision yeah but

there’s more of a classic colors for the

Phantom you’ve seen in previous colorways

but like what do you think? First

impressions I like it a lot blue ones in

the original wave are very nice and I

like this silver triangle

you know this bit but this one in the

blue is actually really classy as well

they’re quite like a regal boot yes it’s

like silver blues very nice

it’s a classic color with a modern touch

I don’t hate it I probably would go for

this so the idea of the second wave is

that it’s more about the young

up-and-coming players wearing

these yes we’ve got probably Phil

Foden going to wear these yeah I’m not

too sure on other players but yeah I

think this is a really nice job, if you

guys want like a classic black boot and

you want to try the Phantom visions

running like he’s top-selling boots of

the year and I definitely think

that these are a great idea

I love the soleplate on these yeah

silver always looks good on the soleplate

so really nice little details with the

blue tips as well really classy boot to

start. As you noticing it guys we will

be asking you which your favorite is in

this entire video for now let’s move on

to another box maybe one of the handle

big ones with a handle try this one so

guys if you want to get any of the boots

in this video then make sure you use a

discount code FBUK10 to get 10% off at

The bag says predator alright so that’s

what we’ve got and we’ve got a new

generation of predator just the 19 plus

a plus version the latest version so

this is good, not massive differences

between the 18 though no I mean it’s

relatively the same I’m going to say 95%

the same

team there’s a difference that here

isn’t it live a kind of rubber element

similar to the X18 yes and a few

cosmetic changes with the little stripes

on the zones on the forefoot there so

these are worn by the likes of Paul

Pogba, Mesut Ozil yeah your typical player to

wear as you 19+ even record itch as

well little detail in here with the

primeknit written into the collar

yeah call is slightly higher on these

than 18 slightly higher dress up a bit I

think a soleplate is quite nice it

will flake off yeah that’s one of the

things with the sticker their saying is

going to flake off over time but I think

the disappointment with these is they’re

just not that different like before with

them it’s kind of pinky red like the

Spectral Mode appear pink red I guess

having a bit different I don’t hate the

colorway though all right I mean I like

red with people with Predators yeah I

definitely wear this sure I would like

maybe these black three strikes maybe

you should black out the stripes maybe I

would be quite a nice little touch there

maybe you are I hold it still, blatant

Photoshop on black stripes bang all

right so let’s go with another handle

another handle yeah going bold for this

unboxing show them the bag show them the


Nemeziz all right here we go look at

that this has to be whoa look at the

sparkle on the three stripes very nice

touch yes

so that’s slightly different than what

you get on the 18.1 in this but

hang on look at the soleplate this is

one of the best Nemeziz we’ve seen so

far yes really liked it a lot of people

giving them some big ups as well Nemeziz

on the hill who’s wearing these

not many we’re us Bernardo Silva and

Roberto Firmino yes still big names but

they’re not as big as you know, no

it’s interesting as you look at this I

expect it to have like a bit of friction

to it but it’s quite smooth no it’s

quite but it looks really nice and I

think the fade from the black to the

white and the way they mix it into on

the boot is really nice it’s a subtle

yet modern color I like these as well

it’s so much better than like say those

orange Nemeziz that they’ve had to bow

once these are quite classy but they are

classy that’s right and I think the

Nemeziz hasn’t quite had that class on

this yet no so I’m excited about these

yeah I like this good ones sure

all right next one all right now let’s

do something a bit different we going to go

with this grey box yep clues are there

okay grey box gosh look at our bag it

looks very similar to an adidas bag but

it is Puma we stick in here it’s a

stack there’s one for you

whoa okay this is the Attack pack if it’s

hopefully now look at this you can

switch the laces out and go a bit bolder

if you want with these orange laces

why have they given you orange laces

with this one so they’ve really stand

out yes they are but I mean that’s the

thing because these are the laces are

very customizable yes so you’ve got your

options and stuff on the box here with

the net fit shows you all the lacing

types and different ways that you can wear

them yes who is wearing these though

Antoine Griezmann Marco Reus Adam

Lallana off the top of my head yeah

Griezmann was wearing them big name

attacking players so yeah this is a

really nice colour of Future 2.1 yeah

and if you look at the white at the heel

here it has like a little shimmery

silver to it as well yeah I really

like that I really like the the

soleplate on these as well the soleplate

is my favorite part

look at it it’s like a hate but sort of

yeah back to what those are

EA Sports look yes exactly from Nikes

yeah these are quite a nice looking boot

actually the green is pretty good

underrated colour on a boot I

think Puma have done well

Alright so if you want to grab a pair

use that discount: FBUK10 at

yep definitely you alright so where

should we go now let’s get to another

adidas pillows maybe these what are we

got right away X18.1 now you

were telling me no but Mo Salah

is wearing, Mo Salah has gone from


to laces with the X’s 18 plus to the X

18.1 for any strange because obviously he

was very successful in the yes yes he

did wear the pure speeds a lot last

season oh yeah

but yeah he’s gone to the lace in safety

bought one and I can definitely


so it’s got that speed mesh upper this

has that little kind of gold sparkle to

it as well which I really like yeah you

have the thing is when you’re unboxing

your boot you don’t see this on pitches

no but you see the little gold teeth

these little details that you guys get

to see now yes I like these I think it’s

such a good color way really adidas

boots should always be red black and a

special white yes and that’s what these

are so these are probably one of the

best yes please

I’d love to have seen this colorway on

those predators that we were just

looking at exactly can you imagine we

sort of saw that for was it yes

yes but yeah I know you made its sole

plate isn’t chrome on these so it’s not

going to flake off this is quite nice

actually yeah it was it Drillium like a

little bit really making the sole a bit

lighter yeah it’s like an old-school f50

adizero these yes all right

one of my favourite adidas boots all

right so let’s have a look perhaps we

got let’s go here I’m excited about

these okay whoo we are turning up there

who’s this what is this in Wow these are

the Messi Nemeziz one of my favorite

boots that adidas is dumping Messi in

perhaps the last two years

why is it one of your favorite it just

looks so good it has those Catalan and

colours of Barcelona they’ve you find

them all together so well I think if

you’re a fan of Messi if you found out

the Nemeziz Messi’s than these

definitely colorway that you should be

cooking yourself up with I really nice

absolutely love the gradient of the god

they’re so blue to red really nice great

look on the agility base

yes I mean the soleplate leaves is nice

as well because even though they’re not

the the pluses yeah it still has that

kind of sparkle underneath on the

soleplate yeah a lot of people refer this

soleplate then compared to the Nemeziz

18 so play yes it’s a lot different

spirit play so play very nice indeed

I think Messi will rock these on pitch

and you or two if you got them

sensational colorway maybe adidas you’ve

done well it’s going to be tricky in

this video to choose our top five boots

it’s a good one at the moment

top 5 boots and you guys going to vote on

them but yeah there’s a lot of good ones

at the moment alright let’s go to this

Nike box next

and then we’ll come back to this one

last and then you guys could vote yeah

this is a brand new boot in there it’d

be interesting to see what you guys

think of those but before that let’s

look at these boots we ever not slow down

and listen boxing no so many good boots

this is the boys always forward way –

yeah the 360 there’s the bag string bag

really yes that’s blue and silver

combination which is really stand out so

the one difference between the switches

on this one can be to the volt one is

that there’s this solid they look good

up in the colourway so we’ve been waiting

to see these obviously these time with

all the other blue boots that were in

the original wave yes and these were

worn by Kylian Mbappe a future

Balon D’Or winner for sure so these

blue ones the way – it’s all about the

upcoming players yeah and so yeah any

kind of good upcoming Nike players with

me in these yeah so has that connection

with the Always Forward one with the

Volt coming through in it there oh yeah

good spot yeah personally these are the

Volt I I’m very close to saying this one

but I do love volt I’ll go the volt I’m

going to say these these are great to see

what big fan I love the combination of

the blue and this silver they really

worked well yeah very much a very nice

boot and but shall we look at the last

pair of boots in this box and then ask

these guys which their favorite is? Sure..

yep all right take off ok right here

yeah a 19.1 uh-huh with laces so

these ones are proving really popular

with the adidas players yes the 19 plus

lot only

yeah lots of Predator players have a

switch to the solo we’ve got


yeah interesting see to hearing these

yeah it’s it’s the bit of boots it’s the

players should have been wearing

customizable with the laces obviously

compared to the latest version yeah and

the fixed slightly different as well

they’re a bit wider in the middle

personal yeah it’s glaze dispersion it’s

got those mono tongue so it’s not as

compressive in the mid foot yeah and

okay the layer there is a fusion skin

yeah this is like what I’m Messi likes

on his

Messi Nemeziz really nice it’s all

quite a bit different from the 19+

and I read but yes

still got that kind of rotational

traction stuff going on it’s a solid

soleplate yep and that’s champagne color

it’s so nice yeah again your boxing er

our future box and you can’t see that on

pictures see the trim with it alright

like so let’s ask these guys which their

favorite is are these going to make our top

5 boots? – I think we these Messi’s have

got to get into it I think one has to be

throwing Nemeziz or too much Messi what

do you got there it’s X 18 what about

the Predators do they make it or where

those Phantom Visions gone maybe they’ve

gotta make this they narrow it down to

your favorite 5 which ones grab a couple

for me yep all right:

Is this the 5 this is the 5 all right

Guys so vote in the poll card now do you

prefer the Mercurial Superfly

do you prefer the Copa 19.1

do you prefer the Messi Nemeziz do you

prefer their X

18-point ones or the Phantom Visions

Blake which is your favorite? Guys vote

in the poll card now I have to say this

I would wear all of them you wear this

this is pretty one of the best

unboxings for like consistently great

boots it’s like hard to choose these

because either other side even put those

Nemeziz in as well yes so alright my

favourite boot my chosen its these oh I

have to agree I have to agree. Do

you guys agree? Let us know in the

comments below let us know anything you

think about these boots make sure you

head over to

use FBUK10 to get yourself ten

percent off any of these boots right now

thanks so much the guys at UltraFootball

now go Enjoy Your Football!

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