Steps to Take to Prevent or Correct PC overheating by TechPally

High temperature is the computer’s main problem, it makes it difficult for the system unit to work.

Regular overheating of the computer leads to a decrease in its performance and in maintenance time.

In addition, overheating of the computer can damage the computer quickly.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to monitor the state of the computer and quickly take the necessary measures in case of problems.

What to do to Maintain optimal Temperature

Diagnose the computer for overheating.

Computer overheating can be diagnosed when there are signs of poor performance, says Techpally engineer.

  • Low performance

Overheating of components in the computer can affect performance.

 In most cases, it will make the computer to be slow in responding to commands.

A quick restart is one of the computer’s self-protection mechanisms for it to start working again. It may reboot itself.

If the specified upper threshold is exceeded, the computer will restart.

This mechanism protects the processor from extreme heat and damage.

  • Colored streaks, flickering dots, and other artifacts on the screen

Problems with the picture may indicate that the graphics card is overheating.

Other errors and unstable computer operation

If you notice such problems, it is important to immediately check the temperature of the computer components and take steps to reduce it.

By following all of the recommendations above, you can avoid problems associated with overheating your computer.

It won’t work for a long time if you stop taking care of your PC.

The more expensive the computer, the more you need to take care of it and you won’t have any problems.

Today I’m going to tell you what to do when your computer has gotten very hot. 

Sometimes, overheating causes the computer to freeze all the time, and sometimes even to shutdown, says Techpally.

The three main components of a computer that can overheat are the processor, video card, and power supply.

The reason for overheating these components is common in 90% of cases –

So your computer is hot or even turns off because of overheating, here are the things you can do.

What to Do when PC is overheating 

  • Determine which device is overheating

To do this, you need to install a test program – the SpeedFan utility is best for this purpose.

You can also optionally use programs such as Aida32, Aida64, Everest, or SiSoft Sandra.

You can also find a section on Viewing Information About Computer Temperature Sensors.

After locating the overheating device, go to step 2.

  • Collect the Necessary tools

To clean the computer, you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, a flat blade screwdriver, wet wipes with an average prick, and a can of compressed air to blow off dust:

As an alternative to a can of air, you can use an old vacuum cleaner suitable for blowing or a car compressor. 

You have to tinker with the latter because it works from the car’s electrical system.

If the processor overheats   – it is necessary to buy also thermal paste KPT-8   or ALSIL-

  • Cleaning

If the computer’s power supply is overheating:

1. Remove the cover from the computer system unit.

2. Disconnect the power cords from the device. Some modern power supplies can simply disconnect the cables from the power supply – that’s even more practical.

3. Loosen the screws that secure the power supply and remove it.

4. Disassemble the power supply.

5. A spray can burn out the power supply. Attention, if there is a lot of dust inside, it is better to bring the power supply to the balcony or stairwell and blow there.

6. We collect everything in reverse order and check the work.

If the processor overheats:

1. Remove the computer system unit cover.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the cooling fan, cooling processor, and heat sink underneath. 

Be careful not to damage the system board or injure yourself with a screwdriver.

The fan blades must be cleaned of dust with a damp cloth or cloth.

If the fan is noisy during operation, you can lubricate it with engine oil.

 To do this, peel off the sticker and drip a little oil into the bearing:

Then you put the sticker back in place.

Ventilate the cooler with a can of air:

Remove the remains of the thermal paste from the processor with a damp cloth and apply a thin layer again.

Collect everything in reverse order and check the work.

If the processor continues to overheat after this, replace the cooler completely.

If the graphics card overheats:

Most of the time, to clean the graphics card’s cooling system, you can’t even remove it – just blow the graphics card’s fan and cooler out of a can of air:

In this case, Techpaly advised that if the graphics card is bulky and has a large cooling system, it is certainly better to disassemble, blow, and then install it.

Make sure the graphics card fan is working. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to buy a new one.

Tip! In order for the system unit to have normal air circulation, it is essential to install two fans in the regular places on the housing – one for blowing, one for blowing.


A computer is an electronic device whose normal operation depends on the interaction of many factors.

The overheating of the computer is one of the most common problems in most computers and t can mar the performance of the system.

Computer overheating (ie the system unit) can be influenced by various factors, but here you learn main causes of this problem and the proper actions to take to enhance its performance.

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