THE BEST BUSINESS POLICY: 7 Ways to Demonstrate Honesty Towards Your Employees

Whatever industry or nature your business is in, you can be applauded and benefitted for superb services, yet being recognized for a firm integrity is priceless! The word “honesty” may seem simple, but it’s something that many businesses don’t possess. Unfortunately, there are companies that hold dear the end, not the means. They don’t care much about honesty as much as they hugely care about money.

You, who’s reading this now, might be a business owner. If not, you might become one in the future. Regardless if it’s small or big, your business must be known for its genuinely forthright image. No matter how desperate you get to thrive in your business, or no matter how successful you become, do not ever forget to be honest.

With a vast range of qualities associated with integrity, it definitely wraps a business with a positive reputation. More than the monetary value you gain, the trust you earn is irreplaceable. Being very honest with your clients and customers keeps them supporting and even advertising your business. Such harmony is to be taken pride in. It is indeed a great moral.

Another significant thing that you must bear in mind is that honesty should be a priority in your workplace — in front and behind the curtains. It builds up and fosters an atmosphere of trust within your workplace community. It cultivates a healthy work environment.

Know that the first and biggest influence for everyone in your company to execute the job with total honesty is YOU — the boss, the business owner, the CEO and whatsoever you call yourself being the one they obey and look up to!

Being an honest employer is wealth. Your employees are delighted and enlightened, and so are you. The workplace and the job you do altogether become fastened with comradeship and good will. A day at work can always be a pleasant day. As the head, be the initiator and demonstrator of honesty in the company. Here are 10 ways you can do that!


When you say something, expect that your employees remember it because most of the time, they really do take note even of the tiny but meaningful details. Carefulness and mindfulness in everything you let your mouth utter are important.

Laying the foundations of an agreeable reputation, learn how to keep your word. Be true to what you say. Fulfill your promises. If you say yes to your employees, then let it be a real yes. If it’s a no, then it must be a no.

When you declare a change that’s friendly for them and that makes them hopeful, mean it. Like what? If you told them last week that you will be giving them a 3-day off from work in the coming week, you can’t just suddenly tell them, “Did I say that?” That’s just one of the most terrible things to do that rips a trustworthy image off of you.

Don’t give false high hopes because of the words you thoughtlessly say then abandon. Always speak with honesty.


Both for your old and new employees, be honest in giving them the advantages you told them they would receive.

During your first meeting or interview when they were still job applicants, you stated the benefits they will be entitled to once they are employed under your enterprise. Now that they are officially your personnel, see to it that what you said is accomplished.

There are taxes deducted from employees’ salaries so that they are given health assistance benefits. Ensure that your workers receive those boons and are accommodated well. Don’t just leave them after giving them a medical card. Know if there are charges asked of them, and help them address these. Especially if it’s really your accountability to fix certain things with regards to the benefits they deserve, do your best to perform as you must.

Moreover, don’t forget it when you said you will give rewards to those who can meet their quota for the month. If something that favors your employees is modified by you at the last minute — eliminating the good for them, you are making your people hate you. You can expect that they won’t trust you the next time you tell them about something similar.


Part of your integrity as a boss and as a business is letting your employees know that they are protected under your company. Don’t just tell them that you care for their welfare. Actually show them that you do.

Having solid business insurance is one of the best ways to secure your employees. This strengthens your credibility as a company. It encourages your laborers to trust that they can be defended and safeguarded in case they get involved in any problematic issue within business operations.

You should own the business insurance types that suit your business’ nature and that you think you’d vitally need in the future. Hope not, but in case an employee gets injured or ill caused by the job, the Workers’ Compensation Insurance will provide assistance with disability benefits, medical care expenses and replacement income.


A disrupting thing to have as an employer is the concept of favoritisms. This certainly wrecks a lot of peaceful workplace relationships, negatively affects employee performance and harshly distorts your personality.

Sometimes, there would really be employees who will catch your attention because of the admirable work they show. Commending them is fine, but favoring them all the time, even when you’re not supposed to, eventually becomes inappropriate and wrong!

Delete having favoritisms. It makes you only appreciate selected employees even when others are doing an obviously better job. You are not being honest with how you should fairly treat them all. This makes you ugly in the eyes of your non favorite employees, not just as a boss but as a person.


One of the workplace aspects that either make or break a sweet-sounding atmosphere is employee promotion. Why? When the other workers agree with their colleague’s promotion, it’s going to be everyone’s celebration. On the other hand, if it’s unreasonable and shocking for them, it’s an issue.

This is why you must execute justice when it comes to promoting someone in your company. The long length of time that certain employees have been spending under your management is fantastic, but are they contributing well? Or are they sitting around with a cup of tea daily while producing mediocre results?

With outstanding and excellent evidence of hard work and efforts, an employee who’s been in the company for only a year can be promoted before those ahead of her in length of stay. Remember that!

What’s more, discuss with the whole team before promoting anyone. Know what they think. See whether or not what you believe regarding these people you are thinking of promoting aligns with how they really are when you are not looking.


When employees say they love their job, they are happy to have you as their boss, and they will do all their best for the company, don’t scratch out the fact that, still, they are working because of financial needs. There are families to support, bills to pay, debt to finish and many more you don’t know.

Even if particular jobs in your company do not earn much for some employees, make sure they are all paid fairly. Favoritisms can affect this, especially if you prohibit each worker’s wage to be disclosed to others. You must not pay their incomes based on how close you are to them or how dear they are to you. That’s nasty and corrupt!

Compensate employees depending on the work they produce. Give what they deserve. Handing the same amount of income to two employees who are noticeably working differently on the same tasks (the other doing his best; the other barely meeting deadlines) is NOT fair at all. 


When your employees make mistakes or fail to meet your expectations, you have to tell them nicely, so they can improve their work practices.

Similarly, when you commit mistakes, admit that you are the one responsible. Never blame your employees for your own shortcomings that caused failures in the business. Don’t be a coward. Saying that you are sorry isn’t expensive. Proving that you really are regretful is only possible with better actions as an employer.



The work environment reflects the leadership in the company. How the head highly regards integrity impacts how the employees do their job.

Honesty is not only the best policy taught in classrooms, it is also an incomparable asset in businesses. Being righteous to your employees is being righteous to yourself, to your job and to your patrons.

You will be respected and trusted for having the best policy a business could ever carry. That’s none other than HONESTY.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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