Top 10 MOST Comfortable Sneakers of 2020

year I try and compile my top 10 picks

for the most comfortable sneakers of the

year and I usually try and drop this

Article somewhere near the middle of the

year so that there’s still time for

people to actually find these shoes and

wear these shoes so even though it’s

possible that there might be some other

releases later in the year that end up

being more comfortable than some of the

sneakers on this list I felt like it was

still a pretty solid or I guess pretty

soft and comfortable list that you could

wear and still really enjoy these

sneakers not only that but this list is

still based on my own personal opinion

and while I did research these shoes a

lot I don’t know a lot about each one of

these sneakers and how they feel on foot

it’s still all based on kind of what I

like and everyone’s feet are different

so everyone might have a different order

or even just have different shoes on the

list all together so if you’re actually

going out and looking to buy some really

comfortable sneakers use this list more

as a guide than a definitive list so

with all that out of the way let’s jump

right into the list number 10 the adidas

ultra boost DNA since 2015 when the

ultra boost first launched it’s been

considered one of the most comfortable

shoes ever made and the comfort of the

shoe can be pretty heavily attributed to

the full length boost midsole if you’re

somehow not familiar with boost cushion

it’s that sort of styrofoam looking

material on the midsole of Adidas

sneakers and the ultra boost was

actually the first silhouette from

adidas that really popularized boost

especially for the mainstream I mean it

also didn’t hurt that Kanye was seen

wearing ultra boost at some of his

concerts however even though people

consider this shoe insanely comfortable

adidas actually first marketed this shoe

as the best running sneakers of all time

I don’t really know if that’s true but I

know a lot of people really considered

this shoe one of the most comfortable

shoes ever made for a couple years after

his release in addition to the boost

midsole that made this shoe very


underfoot it also featured a very soft

and sock like prominent upper walnuts

had always kind of been a thing with

sneakers adidas really popularized

primeknit as one of the softest and most

comfortable knits on the market and not

only that but the ultra boost was also a

really good looking silhouette and five

years later adidas is still making the

original ultra boost however they’ve

changed the name to the ultra

DNA and for 180 bucks or cheaper if you

find a parent on sale you can experience

that same 2015 comfort for yourself

number nine the Hoka onaona bond i6 the

Hoka brand might not be that well known

within sneaker culture but if you look

more on the running side of things

you’ll notice that it’s one of the most

respected running brands available and

the bond i6 is widely considered to be

the most comfortable Hocus sneaker

visually the shoe is a little bit big

I’ll give you that and it’s not really

dad shoe big it’s more of just kind of

brick big but it’s still not a terrible

looking sneaker and the comfort benefits

that you get from this shoe really do

make up for the aesthetics the upper of

the shoe is insanely plush and somehow

even with all that crazy padding going

on it’s still pretty breathable

especially because of the mesh that you

have them toe it almost feels like

you’re sticking your foot into a pond of

pillows it’s a really weird metaphor I

don’t know why I use that and if a

stupid comfortable upper isn’t enough

for you you’ve also got a compression

molded evie a midsole which again is

surprisingly thick and does offer some

pretty nice impact protection if you’re

looking for a running shoe that’s going

to keep your foot in the most pillowy

sort of enclosure possible the 150

dollar Hoka phone I own a Bondi six is a

great way to go

number eight the Nike Epic react flying

it – I actually featured this shoe on

last year’s list of the top 10 most

comfortable sneakers and the reason the

shoe is back this year is because like

he still hasn’t dropped a replacement

yet I’m sure they will at some point and

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more of

an iterative improvement than a complete


but until then The Epoch react flying

into is still a pretty great sneaker The

Epoch react to features a full Flyknit

upper which feels great on foot and it’s

incredibly breathable one of the things

that I love about flying it even though

it’s a knit and it is still pretty soft

is that it still gives you some

structure and support

I don’t know how Nike does it I don’t

know if it’s because the knit is a

little bit stiffer than something like

primeknit but for whatever reason it

feels great on foot not only that but as

the name would suggest The Epoch react

to features a full length react midsole

react is a very soft foam cushion that’s

kind of Nikes response to boost however

it isn’t a softness boost but because of

that some people prefer it over boost

because it’s more stable and it doesn’t

bottom out as much in my opinion and has

much more springy and responsive feel

and I think runners definitely prefer

that over boost comfort wise though the

150 dollar epic react Planet 2 is still

incredibly soft and it still feels great

underfoot number seven the Adid

see boost 380 this shoe is definitely

the most hyped up sneaker on today’s

list and it’s also probably going to be

the hardest shoe to find in store

Kanye’s adidas easy line have produced

some of the most popular sneakers of the

past decade and a majority of them

actually feature boost in the midsole

which also makes them pretty comfortable

the reason that I put the 380 on the

list instead of any of the other Yeezy

boost sneakers is because in my opinion

the 380 is just the most comfortable by

a long shot the easy boost 380 features

a full-length boost midsole that unlike

the ultra boost is actually encased

inside a thin rubber wall so even though

there’s actually a little bit more boost

in the ez boost 380 then the ultra boost

because the boost is actually encased

it’s not able to expand as much which

actually makes this shoe a little bit

more stable the upper of the shoe also

comes in prime minute however the prime

minister than the original ultra boost

and actually gives you a little bit more

support so all around it actually seems

like the 380 is a more supportive shoe

than the ultra boost that said though I

wouldn’t run in this shoe this is not a

performance driven sneaker this is more

of a lifestyle shoe that kind of has

some performance features but enough

with the comparisons with the ultra

boost because at the end of the day the

380 is just a different sneaker

altogether comparing the shoe to the 350

however the other Yeezy sneaker the

features boost this shoe is

significantly more comfortable and even

though the shoes do look pretty similar

there are actually some pretty big

changes when it comes to comfort the

first is actually the width of the

sneaker the 380 is a wider sneaker than

350 feet – and because of that it

actually just fits more people’s feet

the 350 v2 wasn’t uncomfortable but it

came to a point at the toe of the

sneaker which sometimes could mash your

toes together the 380 is much more foot

shaped and so it feels a lot more

natural when you’re wearing it of course

we’ve already mentioned the full-length

boost midsole which actually has more

boost than a pair of 350 b-2s making it

a little bit softer and the other major

change on the 380 is that they actually

swept up the heel area of the shoe to

make your foot steps much more natural

when you’re walking that was supposed to

be a step but it doesn’t really look

like that so overall if you’re looking

for a hyped up pair of Yeezys that’s

still very comfortable the 230 dollar

adidas Yeezy boost 350 the nike zoom fly

3 is an extremely lightweight running

sneaker that features a full length

react midsole and feels incredible

underfoot but what actually

differentiates the zoom fly 3 from the

rest of the

sneakers that we already talked about

and spoiler alert that we will talk

about is that this shoe actually

features a carbon fiber plate in the

midsole to give this shoe a much more

springy response

unlike other shoes that just have react

foam in the midsole this shoe can

actually help propel you forward and of

course carbon fiber is very strong and

very light so it doesn’t really add to

the weight of the shoe that much so

you’ve got carbon fiber for bounce and

react foam for cushioning overall it’s a

pretty incredible feel underfoot

and to top it all off the upper of the

shoe is very light which makes this a

great running shoe for 160 bucks you can

grab a comfortable good looking sneaker

that will help spring you forward number

five the Nike react presto the Nike

react presto is a reworking and

reimagining of the classic Nike presto

speaker once considered to be one of the

most comfortable sneakers available the

nike presto has now been upgraded with a

full length react midsole you’ve still

got the classic neoprene upper which

feels very soft on foot and also the TPU

mid foot cage which really keeps you

contained and overall it’s just a very

comfortable sneaker all around and the

nike react foam definitely plays a large

part in making this shoe as comfortable

as it is the nike react presto is

definitely a lifestyle sneaker and not a

shoe that I would really recommend going

out on runs with and because of that it

doesn’t feature some of the newest

technology like the nike zoom fly 3

aesthetically the nike react presto is

definitely one of the more polarizing

looks on the list but for only 130 bucks

you’re getting a very comfortable shoe

that you can get in pretty much any

colorway number four the New Balance 995

this is definitely a dad shoe and it’s

popular as dad shoes are right now or

were over the last couple years you’re

still probably gonna get some comments

about this one but for a lot of people

the comfort that this shoe offers you is

probably worth the odd comment from that

teenager down the street who only wears

Valon the new Balance 993 well padded

upper with a dual density foam collar

and to be honest it is a really nice

looking shoe the upper of the 990 is

comprised of pigskin and mesh and it

also comes in a couple different

colorways so if you’re not into that

sort of dad shoe gray there are a few

other options for one hundred and

seventy-five bucks you’re getting a very

comfortable everyday sneaker that will

probably last you a long time number

three the Nike Air Force one react this

year Nike decided to reinvent the

classic af1 silhouette by giving the

shoe react I know it seems like every

Nike shoe has react at this point and to

be fair Nike is trying to jam react

pretty much every silhouette they’ve

ever made but at the end of the day I

don’t think that’s a bad thing unlike a

lot of the other shoes on the list this

shoe does not feature exposed react

instead Nike decided to implement the

cushion by giving this shoe a drop in

midsole and I’ve got to say that the

drop in midsole that they used on this

shoe is ridiculous it’s super thick it’s

almost made entirely of reacts and it

also features an air unit in the heel

which makes it even softer what I love

about the af1 react is that you can get

that same af1 silhouette with a much

more comfortable ride also kind of out

of left field Nike decided to add some

sort of massaging texture to the insole

which is weird I’m not sure why they did

that at first it kind of takes you by

surprise because it’s pressing into the

bottom of your feet it’s actually pretty

similar to Crocs

if you’ve ever if you’ve ever worn those

I’ve only a huh no I’ve never worn those

actually it never I was lying about that

no but in all seriousness it is an

interesting field and if you like the

way it feels you’re gonna love this shoe

and if you don’t unfortunately you can’t

take out the insole because it’s

attached to the midsole I love the fact

that Nike is trying to innovate on the

f1 by making it a much more comfortable

sneaker however I wish they had just

made the shoe look exactly the same as

standard f1 i don’t know why they had to

try and modernize it by adding mesh and

a weird like outline of a nike swoosh on

the side i think visually it’s kind of a

miss not to say the nike af1 react is a

bad looking shoe but when it’s based on

a shoe that’s so iconic like the

original AF one lo I don’t make it look

the same but at the end of the day it’s

a pretty decent looking sneaker and it

only costs a hundred and twenty bucks

number two the Nike Pegasus 37 I

actually just finished reviewing the

sneaker on my channel and if you guys

missed that review make sure to check

out the link at the top of the screen

the Nike Pegasus 37 is the latest in a

long line of Nike Pegasus running

sneakers however it is a pretty major

upgrade over the Pegasus 36 nike decided

to get rid of all the old cush lan foam

and give the shoe a full length react

midsole which is actually accented by

this giant forefoot zoom unit and i’ve

got to say the comfort of this shoe now

is out of this world for the last couple

years nike has also been creating a

pretty similar sneaker called the

pegasus turbo or the pegasus turbo to

and while I feel like the Pegasus turbo

2 could be on this list I feel like the

37 is just the best of both worlds and

it’s a better sneaker overall but just

like with the epic reacts flying at to

that we talked about earlier I’m sure a

Pegasus turbo 3 welcome out sometime

this year

the Pegasus 37 is definitely a running


first but if you’re buying the shoe just

for lifestyle where you’re not going to

be disappointed the peg 37 features a

lightweight textile mesh upper that

feels great on foot and also contains

you in the mid foot really nicely and of

course that react foam and forefoot zoom

combination is just insanely comfortable

it’s a shoe that’s definitely worth

trying out and if you plan on running at

all this year the Pegasus 37 is

definitely a shoe worth picking up and

for 120 bucks you can do a lot worse

number one the adidas ultra boost 20

it’s kind of funny that the ultra boost

DNA was number 10 on the list and the

ultra boost 20 is number one on the list

because the ultra boost DNA was like the

first ultra boost and the ultra boost 20

is the latest ultra boost honestly that

was not intentional I actually just

realized that when I was filming this I

probably should have thought that out

better actually regardless the ultra

boost 20 is an insanely comfortable shoe

as I mentioned the ultra boost 20 is the

latest version of the ultra boost and it

has had some pretty major changes since

the ultra boost DNA the shoe is much

more performance based now than it ever

was and because of that there are a lot

of changes that actually make this shoe

much more comfortable the first is the

boost midsole that features 20% more

boost in the previous ultra boost just

like the ultra boost DNA and the Yeezy

380 the boost midsole is insanely soft

and feels very cloud-like underfoot

however unlike the ultra boost DNA

adidas did make some changes to make the

boost more stable so the boost is just

as comfortable if not more so and it’s

even more stable which is kind of crazy

the primeknit upper has also had a

pretty major upgrade which actually

makes the shoe fit even better and give

you more stability in the mid foot the

ultra boost 20 is an insanely

comfortable sneaker and a shoe that I

wear probably two to three times a week

the only thing I don’t like as much

about the ultra boost 20 that I much

prefer on the ultra boost DNA is just

the overall aesthetics of the sneaker I

feel like the DNA is a much more

lifestyle looking shoe and the 20 is a

much more racing or running inspired

sneaker and there’s nothing wrong with


I just prefer the way that the DNA looks over the ultra boost 20 and with the ultra boost 24 a hundred and eighty bucks you’re probably getting one of the most comfortable sneakers that money can buy but that pretty much wraps up the list for today now I would love to know your thoughts on this list and which shoes you liked.

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