Top 10 Myths About FOOD BOXES

Food is the basic necessity of our life along with other things like shelter to stay safe and clothes to cover oneself. It is not only significant for humans but for animals, birds and all those living microscopic things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The food needs to be preserved in its real form to be used at a later time that is why the food industry is going under a revolution for finding the best possible solutions for its packaging. The answer to such a situation is food boxes wholesale manufacture that is needed is the surplus amount by every food company.

Food packets have evolved in the packaging industry over the decades. Their main purpose is to protect the food inside from moisture and keep it safe from all the external environmental effects. Food boxes cardboard is widely used for packing food in stores, restaurants and even for the food delivery purposes. Many companies are using custom food boxes to protect theirfood and present them an appealing way to their customers. They want their wrapping to be unique and distinct so that more people buy their products. But the thing is that for different food items there must be different cases. Like the cake, the box can only protect the cake from being damage but it is not suitable for other confectionaries. Food containers need to be specified for different items. Especially sweet things get easily damaged from environmental pollution and get spoiled easily. As wrapping is very essential for food, here are some myths about food packaging that you can ponder upon as mentioned below.

1.  Overused food Packaging

Encasement has a very short lifespan. Consumer buys Luxury food boxes enough to throw away once the food is eaten. Or they bring it home, serve it to everyone and then have to deal with the pack that is either thrown away or kept for the later use. This way people think it as a myth that they are preserving the environment but in fact, they are accumulation more litter than they can think off.

2.  Compostable Packaging is not compost:

Compostable packaging refers to the covering that is made up of the plant-based material and is completely plastic-free. It is made from Polylactic Acid which is a form of plastic made from the plant materials rather than oil. Chinese takeout boxes are a type of compostable packaging. This food wholesalepackaging is widely used in the United States. There is a myth that compostable binding does not compost. But actually, it is not true as they are composted before its use.

3.  Leaking of inks into the food.

We have mostly heard that the inks and colors that are used in the printing of the custom food boxes can leak into the food. It is a well-known myth but mostly the food manufacturing companies review the cases before going to pack food in it. Customization is done on all the levels to everything for example bakery have food boxes with windows to increase the visibility of their product. It is the first priority of the companies to check the box before going to pack in it.

4.  Recycling of plastic food packs is not possible

Many of the food items are packed in plastic bags. Luxury chocolate boxes and cookie boxes are usually made up of plastic. It is a myth that plastic cannot be recycled. But the truth is that polystyrene has the ability to be reprocessed for making a variety of different plates and bowl. It is a very flexible material and can be recycled in many places without any obstacle.

5. Paper Product is good for no Reason:

Food boxes USA has a myth that they are made up of the paper, which is a good recycling solution. They are good for one situation but get worst for the other situation. Paper can only be recycled about 5 times before the fibers become unusable in the current system. Further, the paper contaminated with food cannot be recycled. This is a misconception that food boxes made of the paper can be recycled. When the food is eaten, people assume that they are recyclable, they throw them in a paper recycling bin.  The residue of the food and other dinking eating stuff that rest on the paper, damage it so much that it cannot be recycled anymore.

6. Some materials are better than the other:

There is a huge misconception among the designers and manufacturers that some materials in food boxing are fundamentally better because they are biodegradable or ecofriendly. This is not the case as always because if the system is not set up for recycling a specific material then you may end up having a double mess.

7. Styrene causes cancer:

Styrene is found in the formic polystyrene containers. There is a myth that this sort of liquid causes cancer. But this is a naturally grown substance also found in most of the food such as wheat, beef, and peanuts. The foam containers are widely used as food boxes as they are easy to handle and light weighted but it does not mean that they cause any health issue. Food companies are very cautious about their casing of food with full concern.

8. Not a complete seal:

It is a myth that food boxes do not preserve the taste of the product in its real form. The food cases can preserve the taste and aroma of your food because they are made of different materials such as paper, aluminum foil, tin, and glass as well. So this is a misconception that because of the encasement the taste changes.

In the most urban and industrialized countries, the system is on the repeat as they take raw materials, make cover for the product and the waste keeps coming and finally ends up in the landfill. So we need to create a system where these landfilling containers can be decomposed into biodegradable.

10. There is a gigantic island of food packs floating in the Pacific Ocean  

As there is an countless consume of the food and their containers all around the world so a myth says that there is a massive island of food pack trash just the size of the continent. Some amount of the food encasement is indeed in the ocean but still, it is not that much of the amount that you may call it a big floating island.

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